Appreciation Piercing Sale!

Studio Phone Number: 206-767-1163


We’re excited to announce that Dzul Ink is moving to Bell Town!

We want to take the time to thank all of you who have supported us at our current location. We love our customers! To show our appreciation, we’re having a Appreciation Piercing Sale!

The sale will start Friday October 19th and go through Saturday November 24th! Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday during sale days, standard piercings will be $20, which does not include the jewelry. Take advantage of this great deal and get a fresh new piercing to show off to the world!

The piercing sale includes all standard piercings above the waist. All other piercings are 10% off. Piercings do not include jewelry. Initial certified sterile stainless steel jewelry starts at $15. We also offer a selection of high quality jewelry in a wide range of styles that are suitable for your new piercing.

Buy 3 piercings for you or your friends, and receive a 4th piercing for free!!

(Piercings must be purchased the same day)

The following is a list of some of our most commonly asked questions.

*********************Questions and Answers:*************************

1.) What are considered standard piercings?

-The following is a list of standard piercings: eyebrow, lip, earlobe, labret, monroe, medusa, nostril (nose), navel (belly), tongue, vertical labret, conch, tragus, ear cartilage, industrial*

*The industrial piercing counts as 2 piercings, each is $20

2.) Does the $20 sale include jewelry with the piercing?

– No, jewelry is sold separately. Initial certified sterile stainless steel jewelry starts at $15. We also offer a selection of high quality jewelry in a wide range of styles that are suitable for your new piercing.

3.) Is all of the jewelry $15?

– No, the prices of jewelry depend on material and style. The most basic jewelry for many of the piercings start at $15.

4.) What piercings are 10% off?

– Surface and advanced piercings. The following are examples of surface and advanced piercings. If you dont see your piercing listed, call us at the shop to inquire if it is included in the sale. Genitals, nipples, surface piercings, anti-eyebrow, chin, bridge, third-eye, lowbret, septum, cheeks, etc.

5.) What type of jewelry do you use for the initial piercing?

– We use sterilized stainless steel. The technical name is 3116 LVM-PER ASTM F-138-92. This is the recommended jewelry for initial piercings, and the same material used for surgical implants.

6.) Can I bring my own jewelry?

– We are required to use only sterile bran new jewelry purchased here at the shop, to ensure your safety.

7.) Are appointments required?

– Walk ins are welcome, but we highly recommend making an appointment or you might have a 20-30 minute wait since we experience a high volume of clients on sale days.

8.) Can I come any day to get the sale price?

-No, only the days of the sale. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays until November 24th.

9.) How do I make an appointment?

– Give us a call at the studio and we will get you booked with an appointment.

If you dont find an answer to your question here, follow the link below for more information about our piercing policies or call us at the studio for additional help.

DZUL PIERCING FAQ. Click for more info.


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